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Valuation of means of transport

Thẩm định phương tiện vận tải là việc đánh giá, hoặc việc đánh giá lại giá trị tài sản cho phù hợp với thị trường tại một thời điểm nhất định theo tiêu chuẩn Việt Nam hoặc thông lệ...

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Valuation of machinery and equipment

Valuation of machinery and equipment is the evaluation or revaluation of the value of machinery and equipment on the date of valuation at a specific time for a specific purpose and using an appropriate method. ...

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Determine the enterprise value

Determining the enterprise value is a very important part of general valuation. Determining the enterprise value is widely understood and accepted as: Determining the...

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Real estate valuation

A property is valuated to be the highest and best used if at the time of valuation, it shows that the property is being legally used as well as giving the greatest net income...

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Valuation of investment projects

Valuation of an investment project is an objective, scientific and comprehensive research and analysis of all economic and technical contents of a project, placed in relation to the natural and socio-economic environment to decide on ...

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